Convert business relationships into a fan base

Win the talent war, get deals done, and create social value all in one, versatile platform
The Problem

Pandemic accelerates the shift to hybrid and remote work, distributed teams and digital goods.

Businesses want to spend more to:

Win talent
Attract talent, keep teams engaged and motivated (%66)
Be top of mind
Stay top of mind with clients / prospects (%59)
Connect in new engaging ways (%49)
The Solution

The first token recognition and NFT swag platform.

Awarded by peers, managers and take signals from connected systems like collab platforms, CRM, HRS.
Participation, contribution and milestones get rewarded with tokens.
Commemorate new hire, candidate referrals, project completions, anniversaries, promotions.
Nft Swag

Sustainable, unique, personal, value-accretive swag

NFT swag for clients and prospects at physical and virtual events and shows.

Employee NFT swag is personal, sustainable, tradeable and value-accretive.

Hero Wallet

Collect your tokenized work wins.

Builds a robust career story of all accolades collected across the entire work life journey in one single place.

Can be linked to physical gifts, causes and digital assets: art, music, sports, gaming.

Introducing The Future

NFT impact on the workplace: CompanyCulture3

Best Positioned To Bridge Web2 And Web3

SmartGift launched Hero to offer businesses a simple one-stop solution for all their corporate engagement needs.

Engagement Flow

streamlines gifting through an authentic, thoughtful, seamless and measurable end-to-end experience


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